This page contains brief outlines of ministries practiced at St. Bartholomew's. The list is broad, but not confined to the items shown here. We invite all parishioners to offer additions if the list fails to provide for some good work or service you feel called to undertake for others. Contact a vestry member, the clergy or an individual mentioned below, if you need help getting started. For telephone numbers and other contact information, see the parish directory available from the church office.

Worship Ministries

The Worship Commission   [Contact Suzanne Moore-Darms]
The conduct of worship at St. Bartholomew's is many faceted, and involves a range of commitments and groups. The Worship Commission, a branch of the vestry, helps to shape key parts of the parish's worship expereince. It is a group comprised of clergy, vestry members, representatives of various worship ministries, and other parishioners who are interested in having input as to how we express ourselves through the liturgy, as well as planning special worship services.

Readers   [Contact Suzanne Moore-Darms]
Readers share the word of God by reciting lessons from the Hebrew Bible and New Testament during Sunday services at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. and special occasssions. Readers need a desire to share the Word and a solid prayer life to prepare them for this ministry. If you would like to be added to the lay readers schedule, please contact Suzanne Moore-Darms.

Chalice Bearers   [Contact Father Peter or Deacon Colleen]
Chalice Bearers regularly serve at both services, assisting the clergy in the di stributing Holy Communion. They also read the prayers of the people. If you ar e interested in serving the church in this special ministry, please contact Fr. Peter or Deacon Colleen.

Lay Eucharsitic Ministry  [Contact Father Peter or Deacon Colleen]
Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMS) bring the Sunday Eucharist to members of the parish family who are ill or shut-in.

Ministries of the Altar   [Contact Tess Gill / Nancy Andrews]
The Altar Guild takes care of the altar and sacresty, making sure the pieces are in place for the celebration of the Eucharist. Guild members maintain the linens and others items essential to the conduct of the liturgy, and make our church look beautiful on special days.

The Flower Guild purchases and arranges flowers for the altar. If you love, or would like to learn, flower arrangement, and help make your church a beautiful place, consider joining the Flower Guild.

Ushers [Contact Val Monshaw]
Ushers offer a warm welcome, a bulletin and collect the offering each week. They also are responsible for counting those present at each service and helping th e service to run smoothly.

Music Ministries  

St. Barts Choir  [Contact Larry Heck]
Choir members add the special gift of music to our worship at 10 a.m. from September through June. Even if you are not able to commit to singing throughout the year, you are welcome to join the choir for one or more church seasons or holidays. Instrumental musicians are invited to share their musical talents in support of the choir and to praise and worship the Lord on an occasional or regular basis.

Ministries to People in Need or Trouble

The Circle of Prayer  [Contact Carole Lytell]
Circle of Prayer members pray each day for our parish and for individuals whose needs are made known to them. The Circle maintains a continually updated list of names referred by people in need or others close to them. Each month a different member is appointed to transmit new referrals among the members. The name and number of the monthly contact is printed in the bulletin distributed at Sunday services and held at the church office for convenient access. You are warmly invited to submit a name of anyone in need. All circle of prayer requests are kept confidential. Members also assist at healing services. Click here for a list of Circle of Prayer members and more information about the group including a reading list. Visit our page of prayers

Outreach [Beginning Contacts: Bob Alexander, Joyce McCauley, Dudley Pendleton]
Outreach to poor and deprived communities and individuals is a vital, active ministry at St. Barts. Detailed information on our work on behalf of the poor and agencies that aid the poor, is available under the Outreach link on our homepage. The contacts listed at the head of this paragraph are just a few of our parishioners who can guide you in the ministry of outreach.

Youth Ministries

Acolytes  [Contact Louis Cavaliere]

Acolytes, grades 6-12, serve during regular worship services. The acolyte corps consists of service, instruction and spiritual development.

Junior Ushers [Contact Suzanne Moore-Darms]
Junior Ushers, grades K-6, hand out children's bulletins and crayons to children at the 10 a.m. service. They also collect the prayer cards and present them at the offertory.

Junior Choir  [Contact Larry Heck]
The Junior Choir is a program that we are working to establish at St. Bar t's. To help make this important ministry a reality, contact Deacon Colleen.
Young people with any form of musical training are invited to share their talents by playing or singing at the 10 am service and or the family service on Christmas Eve.

Prayer Cards
Each pew in the church is outfitted with a cloth pouch containing blank cards and colored pencils placed to enable children and adults of all ages to offer a prayer (in words or images) with monetary gifts collected during our services. The Prayer Cards are collected at the offertory by the junior ushers and later displayed on the prayer wall opposite the altar. The prayer wall is a rewarding place to spend a quite moment after services.

Children's Chapel  [Contact Deacon Colleen]
Children's Chapel is held on most Sundays at 10 am during from September to May. Children (preschool and elementary) are invited for special activities and ins truction and then join their parents in church at the Peace. If you are a kid w ho finds the regular church service too long to sit in the pew, this is the place for you.

Christian Education and Formation

Church School [Contact Maria Brookover]

Spiritual Counseling [Contact ]